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Most Beautiful Parks / Interesting Landscaping

The world has transformed thoroughly over time. Technology, globalisation and the constant evolution of human beings have radically changed the actual “look” of an urban space. Big cities over the world are mostly made of concrete, steel and high, luminous skyscrapers, cars and public transportation everywhere. It is the world we live in and we can’t change much of that.

However, people are becoming more environmental and aware of the role of Nature in our lives. In an urban space you can actually encounter a green oasis, beautiful parks and even natural reserves.

It’s true that not all cities are lucky enough to be surrounded by lush, luxuriant vegetation but thanks to man-made parks, one can definitely enjoy Nature at its best! We have selected a few beautiful green spaces that are hiding in the concrete jungle from all over the world!

1. Park Güell, Barcelona


Gaudi is a name that resonates profoundly in the world of art, architecture and design. He has made Barcelona famous through his unique work and it is easy to recognize his mosaic inspired buildings in an instant.
Park Güell is an example of one of a kind landscaping which stands out through vibrant shapes, forms and colours that almost resemble a surreal world. From top of the park you can have an aerial view of Barcelona, a city that can take you over completely.

2. Namba Parks, Osaka


Among concrete buildings, malls and a lifestyle that can be described simply as fast-paced, there is a ray of sunshine…or green! What the Japanese people did with the roof of an office building/mall was really impressive and ingenious. There you can find everything you’d find in a forest: trees, waterfalls, terraces, vegetable gardens and a unique landscaping that can blow your mind rapidly.

3. Griffith Park, L.A.


We know L.A. for its uber-famous Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood and the Walk of Fame. It has been present in movies of all kind and it is a matter of taste if you like it or not. However, if you should visit it, do not hesitate to relax in one of its green gems. Griffith Park is one of the largest stretches of nature you can find in L.A., reaching around 4,000 acres. That is a lot of green, away from bustling Los Angeles and not only can you walk or jog there, but also ride horses, swim and do some sightseeing.

4. The High Line, New York


Everyone knows and loves Central Park, as it is truly a beautiful park and highlight of the Big Apple. But this City that Never Sleeps is also known for its quirky and alternative side. So, one of the city’s unused railways has been transformed into a lovely aerial green space. Moreover, the repurposing of this old railway has also been beneficial to the nearby estate development!

5. Bukit Timah Natural Reserve


Singapore’s known for conserving its biodiversity and green spaces. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so charming thus visited by tourists from all over the world. Among the many beautiful parks and alleys or roads covered by the luxuriant rain trees, there is one particular natural reserve that will capture any Nature lover. Thanks to its geographical location and tropical weather, here you can enjoy wilderness as it really is. Bukit Timah has extensive flora and forest and it is the highest point in Singapore. It is also one of the most wanted locations for residential use.

After all, the world is not such a bleak place! There are many wonderful parks out there, to enjoy and relax in! What’s the best you have seen so far?

Andreea 🙂


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