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Crazy Celebrity Diets

Extreme Diets

We live in a world where appearance is important. We get that and we can’t change it. Call it superficiality or just a society that demands a lot from us humans. Whatever the case is, advertisements, glossy magazines and TV keep letting us know that we have to stay fit!

However, there is a fine line between staying healthy, feeling good in your own skin and using all possible methods (LITERALLY!!!) to have the perfect body (whatever that is).

The question is: what would you do for a perfect body? How far would you go?
Celebrities certainly have the answer here, as they have no limits when it comes to their precious looks.

1. The Baby Food Diet

Infant Eating Baby Food

OK, pureed fruits and vegetables are supposed to be healthy but would you eat that all day long? Apparently Lady GaGa does. She lives off these mini jars because she’d do anything to be slim and rock on the stage.

2. Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup Diet


Is this diet going to cleanse your body and make you shine again? That’s what Beyonce said! While preparing for one of her movie roles, the famous singer mixed lemon juice with pepper for a full cleansing and energized herself with maple syrup!

3. Ice Cubes Diet


This sounds totally ridiculous but some people do it! If you are into cold icy water, why won’t you have a little ice…snack as well? That’s what Renee Zellweger did to maintain her body. Of course, she wouldn’t only eat ice, but this would be an important snack of the day along with low carb meals and lots of exercising.

4. The “Eat Like a Bird” Diet


Many people have wondered what is the mysterious secret of Mrs. Beckham. Well, the trick is to eat as little as possible. If you can get by with only a few leaves of lettuce and soya beans then you are in for the game! And if you do get really hungry, you can supplement your diet with algae and seaweed shake! Yummy!

5. The Colour Diet

colour food 2

You’ve heard it right! We don’t know who came up with this marvelous idea that colours can make you slimmer or fitter but Christina Aguilera swears that eating food sorted by colours is the new health trend. Every day, a different colour! That’s probably her new motto.

These diets seem just a bit extreme…what is the weirdest diet you have tried?



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