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5 Culturally Diverse Restaurants in Singapore

Top 5 Culturally Diverse Restaurants in Singapore

Food, glorious food! This word is constantly on our lips as our eyes are sheepishly looking for the next dish, restaurant, little bistro or place to have our lazy weekend lunch or conquer the evening with a good gourmet dinner.

Aside its practical use, eating has always been about sharing and gathering with friends and family. Think about it, whenever you hang out with your buddies or take your significant other on a date, you end up sharing a table, devouring some super delicious dish you’ve been craving for days or end up downing glasses of wine that go well with that dinner. It’s only natural!

Nowadays, we can’t and won’t complain about the diversity of restaurants out there. You could practically find yourself in any big city of the world and the huge variety of eating-places is outstanding.

Singapore is one of those places. Moreover, among others, food-wise it is considered one of the best cities in the world. Yes, it is a foodie place and we’re happy to encounter a world cuisine in the city we’re living in.

Together with the famous hawker-centers and local coffee shops, which are scattered all over the city, and literally at every corner of the street, Singapore is also blooming with restaurants. Be them decent priced or out of this world expensive, with a minimal design or traditionally decorated, these places have already become famous in the local food culture.

Since we are living in such a multicultural environment, we have decided to take a virtual tour around the best five culturally diverse restaurants in Singapore.

Fancy to try them? ☺

1. Jamie’s Italian.


It’s newly opened and it belongs to Jamie Oliver. We all know Jamie and his passion for Italian cuisine. Even though he is not Italian at all, we all agree that he should have been! His dishes are always mouthwatering and visually stunning.
Jamie’s restaurant can be found at VivoCity and we are sure you won’t regret visiting it.

You will find a rich menu that covers everything from antipasti to various types of pasta and risotto, main dishes based on meat and fish, super delicious salads and awesome desserts. Since we are talking about Italian fine dining, don’t forget to pair your dinner with a good wine. Their selection is wide and you can definitely choose something to your liking.

2. Kha


Thai cuisine has conquered the whole world through its fragrant and well-spiced curries and soups. The ingredients are nicely chosen and blended with condiments, that you simply cannot refuse a Thai meal!

Kha is one of those restaurants, which knows how to treat you well. As it is a fine dining establishment, you will hereby find a lovely atmosphere that will go together with the delicious and authentic dishes from the ‘Isaan’ region.

With aromatic flavours and interiors that resemble a traditional Thai house…what more could you wish for?

3. The Song of India


Located in a classic bungalow that almost transports you to a different era, The Song of India is a restaurant you must try if you are into fine dining.
It is probably one of the most sophisticated Indian restaurants in town and the prices will prove that.
However, journeying across culinary India in your own city doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.
One thing is for sure; you will be dining in style while indulging the signature dishes a la carte!

4. Si Chuan Dou Hua


If you are thinking authentic Sichuan cuisine in Singapore, then this is the restaurant you must try. If you are local, then you already know what we’re talking about, as Si Chuan Dou Hua has gained its place among the best Chinese restaurants in town.
Having an extensive menu, you will be able to enjoy all their delicious specialties and hand-made dim sum in their two locations. Moreover, you must not miss the Roast Suckling Pig Feast!

5. Fukuichi Japanese Dining


When craving for Japanese food, this is a place that will never let you down. Whether you feel like indulging in the authentic Japanese delicacies or enjoy the Sake Wine Bar, Fukuichi will offer it all. The Japanese will feel at home in the Tatami Room and those who want a different experience, they can have the best, right in the heart of the city. Japanese cuisine is all about freshness and preparation techniques that are taken to a different level. Try it yourself and see!

Assuming you are already hungry, where are you gonna head for your dinner? 🙂



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