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Best Unknown Holiday Destinations

We all love travelling and that’s a fact we can’t deny. We love the thrill, the excitement, the adventures that are included in the trip package, the experiences we have along the way and how enriching a getaway can be.

A trip can change us, give us a new perspective about life or just mysteriously allow us to find some important meaning about who we are. It can also simply relax us!

So, if you happen to be one of those traveling enthusiasts, who is constantly looking for something unusual to discover, or something that requires a little bit more energy, then do try these places that are off the beaten track.

1. Myanmar / Burma

It is known to be the country of many golden temples, pagodas and natural beauties. The surreal landscapes are blending with the man-made buildings, that are glittering in the hot sun and of course, the many Buddhas that are scattered throughout the country. It is said that Myanmar’s beauty is quite unique in the world, as Mother Nature has been generous and blessed this wonderful place with mountains, pristine beaches and sanctuaries placed on outlandish peeks.

Try the scenic train ride over Gokteik viaduct. Is is a mesmerising experience you will definitely enjoy!

2. Ethiopia


You are a hardcore traveler and adventure is your middle name. In that case, Ethiopia is a place you must put on your holiday destinations list.

Ethiopia, the birthplace of humanity and a country of challenges: it is one of a kind because of its rich culture, its colours and the diversity of customs. Be prepared to encounter tribes that are still holding on to their traditions and wildlife that will blow your mind!

3. The Balkan Peninsula / Montenegro


Eastern Europe seems to be conquering more and more travellers thanks to its cultural and visual diversity.

If time is what you have, it is worth hopping from train to train and taking each country at a time, enjoying mountains, the sea or natural parks. But this time we recommend Montenegro, a small country of natural beauties, old architecture and little islands that are overlooking beautiful mountains. Perast – Boka Bay is one of these places that definitely must be visited!

4. Cappadocia / Turkey


It’s something you haven’t seen before, as it is a natural wonder and a unique cultural heritage.
This region in Turkey is a high plateau pierced by volcanic peaks. The sight from above is quite amazing but what it is even more interesting is the fact that the whole region contains several underground cities, used as hiding places in the past.
If you are traveling in this part of the world, do not hesitate to travel there and take a ride with the hot air balloon!

5. Colombia


Latin America has never ceased to impress travellers with its historical heritage, its warm and welcoming people, its vibrant culture and landscapes that can only make you say “Wow!”
Each country is different and one of a kind, but our recommendation is Colombia, as it is a place you must experience at least once in a lifetime!

Known for its colonial cities where you can admire beautiful architecture and people who are ready to put a smile on your face, Colombia has to be your next destination! So, pack your bags and get ready to fly to a place where you will encounter indigenous cultures and breathtaking natural parks and beaches!

These are our off-the-beaten-path choices! What are yours? 🙂



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