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Watch what you eat.. it might KILL YOU!

Feelin’ good cos you’ve been chowing down on fruits, nuts and vegies? I don’t mean to burst your bubble but check out some of these seemingly healthy foods that could literally kill you if eaten too much/in the wrong way.

1. Almonds


Almonds (which are apparently seeds, not nuts!) are extremely popular – for a snack, in your stir fries, baking, you name it! The most flavoursome almonds are “bitter almonds,” which have the strongest scent. However these almonds are full of cyanide, and must be processed to remove this poison before they are suitable for consumption.

2. Rhubard


Admittedly, not one of my favourites. But when baked into a pie or crumble, then we’re talking! However, did you know that in addition to containing an unknown poison, rhubarb leaves also contain a corrosive acid that become more potent when mixed with water and soda!

3. Nutmeg


Nutmeg is a hallucinogen! Eating an entire whole nutmeg can make you trip – kind of like LSD! According to experts, as little as 0.2 ounces can lead to convulsions – 0.3 ounces can cause seizures!

4. Potatoes



Potatoes I cannot live without. Potato chips, potato wedges, potato pizza – you name it, I’ll eat it. But apparently the stems, leaves and sprouts of potatoes contain a substance called “glycoalkaloids,” which can cause cramping, diarrhea, headaches and even death when consumed by humans.

The good news is that you’ll be able to tell if a potato has been “affected” (i.e. it’s absorbed some of this substance or has absorbed too much light) as they typically turn green! They may also sprout (See image). Morale of the story – always store your precious potatoes in a dark, cool and dry place!

5. Raw Kidney Beans


Kidney beans aren’t the most pleasant bean to eat in its raw form – which is just as well, as uncooked kidney beans contain a toxins called “lectins.” These toxins can caused extreme nausea and vomiting when even 5 raw kidney beans are consumed. For those contemplating a “raw” diet, raw kidney beans must be soaked in water for at least 5 hours.

Know of any more? You could be saving our lives 😛



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