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Celebrities: Before they were Stars

Well, let’s admit it. Each one of us have that one particular celebrity we constantly drool over. With perfect face shape, the nicest features and expert make-up artists and stylists, they do attract a lot of attention! But guess what? They didn’t always look so polished – even just a few years ago! While for some puberty does the job, others work hard to perfect (and preserve) their bodies and looks. And while it worked for many, it backfired for a few. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive transformations.

1. Adele

From 19 to 21, Adele was a bit on the “healthier” side, admitting to media that she loves food! She has slimmed down a bit since then but thank God she isn’t the super-thin waif a lot of celebrities fall prey to. Mother, Singer and now an inspiration to all those women who love food, but still want to maintain their physique!

then n now.docx

2. Angelina Jolie

Show me a Top 100 List that does NOT have Angelina Jolie in it. She was by no means ugly when she was younger but it’s a different, more “wholesome” looking girl don’t you think?

then n now.docx-1

3. Josh Peck

90’s kid? Then you must be remembering Drake and Josh! These two guys forever tickled our nerves and managed to make half an hour of the day most memorable. Coming to Josh (Played by Josh Peck), the bubbly-fat-cute guy, impressed us all by overhauling himself to a six-pack action hero. Well, to those who said gym does not make a difference, look what’s it done to Josh! Amazing transformation!

then n now.docx-2

4. Angus T Jones

Talking about series, Two and a half men is one of our all-time favorites! Going back to season 1, Alan’s plump little kid, Jake, played by Angus won our hearts with his silly wittiness! As more seasons released, Angus remained plump and chubby. But lo! Season 10 marked a transformation like no other! Smartly dressed and having shed quite a few pounds, Angus looks smart and handsome in his role! High time to call them ‘Three men’ eh?

then n now.docx-3

5. Zac Efron

Teenage heartthrob Zac Efron is having the time of his life right now. But let’s rewind a bit. Zac previously admitted on Ellen’s show that he was not such a pretty face back in high school! Messy hair, teeth gap, and a lot of freckles (plus check out those unruly eyebrows!) Zac was at times made fun of. Yet, somehow (with many a stylist, I suspect) he’s managed to make it work in his favour 😛

Microsoft Word

6. Christina Aguilera

Christina shows off her… “healthier” side?

then n now.docx-4

7. Lady Gaga

The woman who makes us go GAGA over her music! As cool as she is, Lady Gaga had a very difficult time to get where she is today. Having faced a lot of difficulties before getting into the music field, Lady Gaga now gives us the reason for her varied clothing style and make-up. She wants her fans to feel comfortable with whoever they are. Everyone is unique, and its best to accept yourself and show it out to the world. By dressing in speckled costumes, she portrays ‘Born this way’ in the best way possible!

then n now.docx-5

8. Christian Bale

BATMAN!! Or a very scary man? Even though Bale’s transformations were movie based, his sudden shift in body size and looks was definitely a head-turner. For his role in ‘The Machinist’, Bale shed over 60 pounds to portray a chronic insomniac who hasn’t slept in a year. He went down to a mere 120 pounds, putting it all back within a year to play Batman at 190 pounds. We could learn a lot from his determination, although I daresay it may not be so healthy 😛

then n now.docx-6

Let’s check out some of the Harry Potter characters shall we? The 8 movies mark some brilliant age transformations amongst the actors. Here are three of the best (or most dramatic)!

9. Emma Watson

Unruly hair, a goofy smile and an awkward demeanor marked Emma Watson’s foray into the acting world. But after the third Harry Potter movie, something changed. The cute little girl grew up.

then n now.docx-7

10. Tom Felton

To be fair, the Hogwarts cape and wand don’t really do much for poor Tom. Either does the slicked back hair or smug expression. But I think we can safely say he grew into his looks 😛

then n now.docx-8

11. Matthew Lewis

Last, but definitely not the least, Matthew Lewis plays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series. His bravery definitely inspired us all in the movie, but turns out, he is not as dorky looking as he appears. The buck teethed kid now looks amazing! Check him out yourself 😉

then n now.docx-9

Hope you got to know your favorite stars well with this! There is hope for us all. Once determined, we can transform ourselves to way better. After all, all of us have the right to look our best. ☺

– Mala


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