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You are what you eat!

In our fast paced work-eat-sleep monotonous life, it is necessary to keep in shape. Junk food and no exercise might seem like the best option for a stress filled week, but trust me, when you eat right, you feel right. Here’s some interesting research in the medical field, which states that food items resembling your body parts are good for your health. Hearing it for the first time? Me too! This proves to be a big clue from nature as to what’s good for us. Here are a few stimulating examples. Make sure you pick your fruits and eat well, because a healthy stomach will eventually lead to a healthy and happy life style.

1. Carrots

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Slice a carrot, and they resemble your eyes! Iris, mimic pupil, everything! We have been taught from childhood that carrots are good for strengthening our teeth. Well who knew it can serve more than one purpose? Carrots enhance the blood flow to the eyes and reduce the risk of getting a cataract. In fact, carrots are rich in Beta-Carotene which helps prevent or delay age-related eye sight problems.

2. Walnuts


Next time you grab a walnut, notice that it has two sections and a lot of folds and wrinkles. Perfectly resembling the brain, and likewise, it is the best brain food. Walnuts help develop neurotransmitters, signaling and IQ. It’s high content of omega-3 fatty acids help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Celery


Long, lean and rich in Silicon and Sodium, Celery resembles our bones. Their Sodium content helps replenish bone strength and improves its molecular structure. Make sure to include celery in your salad next time! It is both tasty and healthy.

4. Tomato


Anatomy of a tomato reveals four chambers, just like that of our heart. The bright red color and oozy structure make it more resembling and the best heart and blood food. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is capable of reducing heart diseases. Tiny steps such as including tomatoes in our diet will help reduce future medical bills!

5. Ginger

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Ginger is said to be the best cure for stomachache. It is an herb that is perfect for indigestion and anti-nausea. And guess what? It resembles the stomach! The chemical present in it, Gingerol is responsible for its pungent smell and its curing abilities. Add a bit of ginger spice in your food for perfect digestion and a healthy immune system.

6. Sweet Potato


A veggie that takes after the pancreas is sweet potato. It has a high amount of Beta-Carotene which acts as an anti-oxidant and helps promote healthy functioning of pancreas. Diabetes, and Cancer being the most common diseases affecting a large population of the world, can be brought to control by including this remarkable vegetable in our diet list.

7. Onion


There is a reason why onions make you cry. They have the ability to unclutter all waste materials from our body. All foreign bodies from our eyes are removed in the form of tears. The job of clearing up waste material is a function of blood cells. These cells have a structure similar to that of a sliced onion.

8. Kidney Bean


Ring any bells? Shaped like the human kidney, these beans help maintain and heal the kidneys. Kidneys play a very important role in our body, and the one easy to access vegetable which helps it do its work efficiently is the kidney bean. Kidney beans provide a variety of Vitamins and Nutrients to the body. They serve the purpose of caring for kidney and several other parts of the body.

9. Mushrooms


A sliced mushroom looks exactly like the human ear. They are abundant in vitamin D, which is ideal for improving bone health, specifically tiny bones in and around our ears. Healthy bones in turn improve hearing aid.

10. Olives & Avocado


Olives and Avocado both resemble ovaries, each having its own health advantage. The folic acid in Avocado helps reduce cancer risk and improves reproductive health. Including olives in your diet also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by about 30%.

Conclusion? By taking the initiative of including such wide range, color and nutritious vegetables and fruits in our diet, a number of diseases can be eradicated and our health improved. So grab a shopping bag and start making space in your refrigerator for these life improving veggies!



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