T or F: Traveling makes you a better person?

Major life transitions like leaving the protected environment of school or starting a new career can be daunting. Before you make the transition, it’s a bit of a rite of passage these days to take some time off to travel and explore the world.

For most people, traveling means eating, sightseeing, partying and shopping (not necessarily in that order!) However, if you spend some of the time thinking and reflecting, travel allows us to break boundaries and expectations (sometimes) and make us a better person. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that through traveling can meet lifelong friends, learn valuable life lessons and completely change your way of thinking. In short, traveling can touch your heart. So, here are some of the reasons why you should just DO IT:

1.You are guaranteed an adventure because anything can happen! You meet people, plans change and alongside, emotions run high and low, just like a rollercoaster. I know couples that are married now having met on previous trips. Meeting people also gives you an awesome network of places to stay on your next trip! As well as inside knowledge of that person’s culture 🙂

No joke - I did see this in India! 3 trains had to pass me by before I eventually pushed my way in ...

No joke – I did see this in India! 3 trains had to pass me by before I eventually pushed my way in …

2. Traveling lets you soak up the real culture – eat the foods, interact with the locals visit historical as well as modern day landmarks. Take public transport and/or find an apartment on airbnb to really get an insight into how the people of the particular culture live and react to their surroundings.

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3. For couples, it gives you the prelude to a married life! Many articles have been posted to encourage couples to travel before they get married to have a better understanding about each other’s habits and lifestyles. Not applicable to all couples, but worth a try? (NB we are not responsible for any break ups while traveling with a new partner!)

4. For families, it gives you the time to recap about each other’s lives that you have missed out. The fast-paced lifestyle of many cities greatly reduce the amount of time families spend together and with the many clashes in timetables between the adults and children, it is tough to travel as a group. If time permits, family should definitely travel to learn not about the country, but their family members’ growth over the years.

5. Bad at planning? Unsure exactly where to go? That’s where the Internet comes in! A quick search can tell you literally all you need to know about your destination – from practical things like exchange rates, safety information and where to stay to fun things like the best restaurants and bars, secret shopping enclaves and the best sunsets! If all else fails, try booking a planned vacation like Contiki or join a tour group. They are also great ways to meet people 🙂

6. Traveling has let me witness the most amazing landmarks, monuments and museums I have ever seen in my life. Full stop. Things that all the glossy magazines, beautifully designed websites and even other people’s photos cannot do justice. The atmosphere, the smells, the people – being in that moment is something you can never replicate.

OK this is not my picture... but Cambodia is one of my favourite travel destinations at the moment

OK this is not my picture… but Cambodia is one of my favourite travel destinations at the moment

The list of reasons to travel goes on and on. My personal favourite is any destination that has a good mix of adventure/outdoorsy activities, an awesome beach and great food and drink to relax with a night. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Let us know – especially the smaller, less well known destinations (we’re always looking for a new place to explore!) ☺


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4 comments on “T or F: Traveling makes you a better person?

  1. I love to travel! I for sure think it makes you a better person!

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