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Colour Therapy

I knew there was a reason behind the Facebook’s choice of colours! It’s quite a nice shade of blue and I figured it wasn’t a random assignment. And recently, I read this article which proved my theory! Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colours in Marketing ignited my interest in the topic of Colour Psychology and the colours of individual brands.

For Facebook, the choice of blue was straightforward – Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour-blind and blue is the colour he can see best. While this reason may not seem legitimate to all those business owners out there, for a then start-up, it was totally reasonable. This, is Colour Psychology.

In the Psychology world, Colour Psychology is simply the study of colour as a factor in human behaviors. Humankind has known the fact that colours affect our moods, emotions and behaviors, from ancient time. Although every individual holds a different perception about one colour, there is a general consensus among the public about the perceived effects of some colours. Take for example, blue, which is known to have a calming effect and red, which usually represents something loud.

Check out this chart:

Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing | Fast Company | Business + Innovation-1

In the business world, brands use colours to tap on the emotions of human beings. Colours are preset to influence our moods, length of stay on the webpage and for most online shopping platforms, and the impulse to buy certain products. Look at the chart below and some of the brands, has it ever crossed your mind how each of them are chosen to influence a person’s mind and subsequently, their marketing efforts to get the brand across to you.

So in future, whether you are planning your business logo or even a simple presentation to the most nasty superior of yours, do consider some of these tricks to calm that fellow down and listen to you more attentively!

Now you know WHY they chose these colours!

Now you know WHY they chose these colours!


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