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Samsung Galaxy S4: An Update

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If you are in the anti-Apple camp, or just think the Android OS and the Samsung Range is more suited for you, then you must know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released next week, 27th April 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a huge Full HD screen, an improved camera and faster innards, and fits it all in a chassis the same size as the Galaxy S3.

However, many will struggle to tell the difference between the S4 and its predecessor, as the polycarbonate chassis is still in use; although the metallic banding around the side, while still plastic, is much sturdier and feels more premium.

We’ve already seen a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S4 features, as it’s been snapped multiple times in leaks – some more accurate than others, it has to be said – and the specs mooted have turned out to be pretty bang on.

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a Broadcom BCM4335 chip that incorporates the 802.11ac WiFi capacity along with Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM radio.

Newer processors, along with increased speed, focus on improving efficiency between cores. This should mean that the Samsung Galaxy S4 can boast more processes and a longer battery life than we’ve previously seen in a handheld. Other specs include a 13MP rear-facing camera and, of course, the aforementioned 1080p screen.

In terms of browsing speed, a new rumour suggests the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive with 802.11ac WiFi – also known as 5G WiFi. This new WiFi technology is aimed at providing wireless speeds equatable with a standard wired connection.

As well as more power and speed, it is also thought to offer longer-lasting battery life

There’s a lot riding on NFC this year – what’s it going to do in terms of making the beepy technology worth using in the day to day lives of many?

Well, with a tie-in with Visa looks like you’ll be able to use your phone to pay for bits and pieces more easily by including the PayWave app within the Galaxy S4, meaning you won’t have to get validation from thenetworks for the payment mechanism.

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One comment on “Samsung Galaxy S4: An Update

  1. Hate to dis the S4 after just using it for slightly over a week, but the darn thing is slower than any mobile computing device I’ve ever used; granted its still faster than the Samsung Ultratouch (one of the first few touch-screen models that Samsung proudly released and, sadly, the only thing slower than the S4). One would expect this S3 successor to pack more punch since it’s apparently fitted with a better-performing processor, but its far from the desired outcome. I’ve had to close apps, turn off add-on functions just to use the phone without cussing it each time it takes close to two seconds to switch between apps or just start one up.

    Don’t get me wrong though, the graphics, audio and versatility vis-a-vis the iPhone are a refreshing upgrade. Plus you don’t need to bring along a pentalobe screwdriver, an odd-shaped battery and spend 20 to 30 mins to replace your batt (ok fine, perhaps a juice-pack in lieu of all that drama). Replacing your battery in the Samsung S3/4 is a breeze and this means you just need to bring along a spare batt (no wider than a credit card nor thicker than your charging cable) and you’re set for the day or till lunch the following day depending on your enthusiasm in engaging the mobile world.

    Nuff said. S3 – Good. S4 – Coulda been better.

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