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Reignite the donut wars

Yum yum.
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When I was little my mum used to do her hair and other womanly stuff at Far East Plaza, along Scotts Road. And as a young boy, I could never sit still and like wait for her to be done with whatever nonsense she was doing.

So to incentivize my good behavior my mum always bought a box of Dunkin Donuts on our way in. The smell of donuts literally makes me happy, the sweet fragrance and the different coloured sprinkles. Matched with the white powdered sugar frosting and the knowledge that when I bite into it, it’s going to be soft and the chocolate jam will ooze out from the center.

I love donuts, it’s my childhood happy food, when choice was a privilege and sweet food an occasional treat. I looked forward to my mother doing her womanly things at Far East.

As I grew older and did a bit more travelling, I came across Krispy Kreme in the US. It was like I rediscovered heaven; I never looked at the simple donut quite the same again.  The simple sugar glazed donut is really something else, the chewy texture and the right mix of sweet and salty got me hooked almost immediately.

Since Singapore doesn’t have Krispy Kreme the only way to savor my new favorite snack was to buy them on the way back from the places who had them. The nearest would be at Times Square across the border in KL, Malaysia.

However I have good news my fellow Krispy Kreme Junkies, Krispy Kreme is coming to Singapore. No need to beg your friends to bring dozens of donuts in boxes for you anymore.

Just eat and grow fat.




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