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What makes a HERO?

What makes a Hero? What defines a Hero? What do you truly understand about the term “Hero?”

Is the first thing you think an imaginary character with superhuman powers? Maybe Spiderman or Superman, or some other mysterious person in tights and a mask?

But considering these people have special powers, doesn’t it seem like their acts of heroism are just expected, since they are the only ones capable of such feats?

So then what makes someone a Hero?

Merriam-Webster defines Hero as a noun:
1. A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or nobler qualities.
2. An individual who is respected for having done something very brave or having achieved something great

In Colorado, the state recently hit with “The Batman shootings,” we can put some names to those “Heroes.”

The following ABC News video says it all, when mere man went beyond their call of duty to truly become Heroes:

Acts of Valor: Four Boyfriends Took Bullets to save Girlfriends

The world seems to have deteriorated so quickly that basic human decency seems to have lost its stand. We read about acts of crime and violence overseas and shake our heads in sorrow. And yet we’re not untouched by crime and violence ourselves – it has long since reached our shores. Even the recent spate of viral videos of Singaporeans losing it on public transport, small and insignificant when compared to innocent people losing their lives, is another example of the world perhaps reaching a tipping point.

Its the things you do when the time and occasion call for it that make you a hero. My question to you is this, what do you think your instincts will do when caught in a similar situation? Will you stay and apply pressure or will you run to save yourself?

In loving memory of the heroes who have went before us.



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