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Introducing .. The Stylish Geek!

As this is my first blog post on the Soldgers WordPress, it’s probably customary that I introduce myself and why I’m here. I’ve known Q since she was half my size (actually she is still half my size), and, with the help of technology, we have remained good friends despite being on different continents.

You may wonder how an ABC like myself became friends with a Singaporean, but I should mention that I am actually half Singaporean on my dad’s side. And to go even further back, Q’s dad and my dad have been friends since their days in University together so you can see that we were bound to be friends no matter how hard we resisted. Although Q did try to teach me some Singapore slang, I think the only thing I remember is “shiok” and “wau lau”. Sad, I know. 

Hopefully now that I’ve gained some partial credibility for being here, I’ll give you a little background about myself. I guess to sum it up, you could say that I’m one of those “girl shaped guys”. I’m not sure how I came to be so interested in Star Wars, gaming, and geek culture since I don’t have a brother, but I guess I was just wired that way. I studied computer science and math at my university and spent most of my adult life working in the video game industry. For a while I was even part of Ubisoft’s professional girl gaming team, the Frag Dolls. I have since “retired” from pro-gaming and now am back to gaming in my basement with the rest of the nerds (j/k).

Besides gaming, I love going to comic conventions, collecting toys, and cosplaying –  those things sort of go hand in hand anyways, but I also love fashion. I know those things normally don’t mix, but hey, geeks can be fashionable too right? 

Anyhow, I’m hoping I can bring some American geeky female perspective to Soldgers. Feel free to check out my regular blog and like my Facebook page in the mean time.

Till next time! 


About The Soldgers Press

Sold.my was founded for technology and lifestyle shoppers by technology and lifestyle enthusiasts. We eat, sleep and breathe entertainment shopping and will not stop until your quest for the perfect smartphone (i.e. iPhone, Samsung), tablet (i.e. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab), handbag (i.e. Prada, Chanel) or camera (i.e. DSLRs) has been completed. We are committed to adding fun and excitement to your day to day online shopping needs. What's more? We take pride in our taste of products. Our team of experienced product experts, passionate about their products and hungry to find the latest, most innovative and highest quality items carefully hand-pick their selections on a weekly basis. We engage our consumers to ensure we are selling the hottest items our customers love, and we have a reliable and efficient delivery system to ensure all products are delivered promptly. Why shop with us? Simply because we care. We are passionate about what we do and endeavor to select only the best, so you can ensure quality purchases at all times.

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