The Most Interesting Food Trucks

Burgers, tacos, sizzling slices of pizza, Asian delicacies, real German hot-dogs, gourmet sandwiches, gelato, pancakes, authentic kebabs or delicious gyros; we crave for them all, day and night and no matter how hard we try to keep our insatiability in touch, we just won’t refuse one of these mouth-watering snacks. We absolutely loathe the fact […]

Most Beautiful Parks / Interesting Landscaping

The world has transformed thoroughly over time. Technology, globalisation and the constant evolution of human beings have radically changed the actual “look” of an urban space. Big cities over the world are mostly made of concrete, steel and high, luminous skyscrapers, cars and public transportation everywhere. It is the world we live in and we […]

Best Environmentally Friendly Green Houses

Ecological sustainability has gained plenty of awareness in the past years, as more and more environmental oriented people are struggling to make a difference in their everyday life. Whether this will happen on a small scale (recycling, smart use of resources) or on a larger scale (housing, alternative energy, eco-friendly urban systems) there is hope […]

The stories behind big brand names…

Ever wondered how Nike got its Swoosh? Or where “Starbucks” came from? Read on! 1. Nike The name “Nike” originates from Greek Mythology – she was the winged goddess who personified victory. The swoosh symbolizes her flight! 2. Skype The original concept for “Skype” was “sky-peer-to-peer” (which also explains the cloud concept for their logo). […]

Wacky but Useful Household Inventions

The world has evolved consistently since the invention of the first computer or the vacuum cleaner. You will be amazed how a modern household can look like at the moment. From super smart gadgets to little things that will blow your mind, as you wouldn’t have ever thought they’d help make your life easier. As […]

Not for profit… but definitely for a good cause!

Got some spare cash and thinking of doing something good? There are millions of charities and not-for-profit organisations worldwide. But there are some which set themselves apart form the rest in terms of their creativity and the nature of the issues they are addressing. Have a look at some of these I found: 1. Free […]

World Biggest Burgers

There is a trend these days regarding world records and people doing impressive things to stand out from the crowd. The brave and courageous ones will do anything to create a small revolution and be lauded by their peers. We know by know that food can let us be creative to the maximum and we […]

Crazy Celebrity Diets

Extreme Diets We live in a world where appearance is important. We get that and we can’t change it. Call it superficiality or just a society that demands a lot from us humans. Whatever the case is, advertisements, glossy magazines and TV keep letting us know that we have to stay fit! However, there is […]

5 Memory.. Uh.. Boosters!

Ever get mid-sentence and completely forget what you were saying? Or forget where you parked – again? Even though most people will say YES, I think some people are definitely worse than others. So I’ve done a little research and come up with some tips to boost memory and (hopefully) even improve your concentration! 1. […]

5 Culturally Diverse Restaurants in Singapore

Top 5 Culturally Diverse Restaurants in Singapore Food, glorious food! This word is constantly on our lips as our eyes are sheepishly looking for the next dish, restaurant, little bistro or place to have our lazy weekend lunch or conquer the evening with a good gourmet dinner. Aside its practical use, eating has always been […]

Interesting Start-Ups

Interesting Start-Ups Ten years ago the online world looked slightly bleak and dull and no matter how full of imagination we were, we couldn’t possibly foresee all the interesting and unique projects the Internet would bring in the following years. Our modern times have changed considerably since then and the flow of information we are […]

Unusual Jobs

What are the weirdest jobs out there? Choosing your career can be quite a challenge for most of us. Once we have taken the decision to become responsible with our lives and start a 9 to 6 job, there comes a series of questions related to what we really want to do on a daily […]

Best Unknown Holiday Destinations

We all love travelling and that’s a fact we can’t deny. We love the thrill, the excitement, the adventures that are included in the trip package, the experiences we have along the way and how enriching a getaway can be. A trip can change us, give us a new perspective about life or just mysteriously […]

Watch what you eat.. it might KILL YOU!

Feelin’ good cos you’ve been chowing down on fruits, nuts and vegies? I don’t mean to burst your bubble but check out some of these seemingly healthy foods that could literally kill you if eaten too much/in the wrong way. 1. Almonds Almonds (which are apparently seeds, not nuts!) are extremely popular – for a […]

Most Unusual Foods of the World

Whenever we book a ticket, pack our bags and start another traveling adventure, there is one question that’s constantly going to be on our minds. What is the food culture like in those parts of the world? Whether we are familiar with the cuisine we will encounter in our travels or not, there are always […]

Let’s be Social!

Love your App Store but overwhelmed with choice? I know how you feel… sometimes I like browsing aimlessly (i.e. on the bus) and other times I just want someone to tell me the best apps to download. But I’ve just found 5 apps that I think are pretty awesome! Tell me what you think: 1. […]

Shh! Secret Video Game Trivia

Got a favourite game but no idea how the names or characters came about? Some of the most played games in the past decade draw inspiration from quite surprising sources – be it a celebrity tie-in or even a random mistake that later became the game’s trademark! Beware – the following may surprise you! 1. […]

Overcoming Illness – Celebrities with Mental/Physical Disabilities

Have you got a celerity/scholar/historical figure you admire or are in absolute awe of? It’s so easy to think of them having “perfect lives” following on from their awesome achievements, but that’s often not the case. I’ll admit – this is a bit of a “feel good” post! Check out the following celebrities who battled […]

Underwater Beauties

Feeling a bit adventure-deprived? Why not skip the beach and strip malls in favour of something a little… older? Check out some of these submerged cities! Most of them are now museums and open only to those game enough to scuba dive down to the ruins, but they are still amazing and indeed, home to […]

Weird & Wacky

Bored in the kitchen? Check out these useful, rather weird and funny kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier (or at least make you smile). Beware: Some of them may gross you out, but hey, at least it makes cooking fun! 1. The ‘EX’ knife holder For all those harboring bad blood against an […]

Celebrities: Before they were Stars

Well, let’s admit it. Each one of us have that one particular celebrity we constantly drool over. With perfect face shape, the nicest features and expert make-up artists and stylists, they do attract a lot of attention! But guess what? They didn’t always look so polished – even just a few years ago! While for […]

What to buy the World’s Coolest Dad?

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UPPING the Ante: The Jawbone UP

“Wearable tech” is definitely creeping into the market, from bluetooth connected watches, google glass and activity monitors. But something that particularly interests me is the Jawbone UP activity tracker, which tracks your sleep (duration, quality, even how long it takes you to fall asleep!) how many steps you take and even what you eat – […]

You are what you eat!

In our fast paced work-eat-sleep monotonous life, it is necessary to keep in shape. Junk food and no exercise might seem like the best option for a stress filled week, but trust me, when you eat right, you feel right. Here’s some interesting research in the medical field, which states that food items resembling your […]

Do comic books mirror real life?

Superman, Spiderman and Batman – these marvel characters are not strangers to most people who grew up reading comic books. While characters may be fictitious and sometimes portrayed in a more dramatic manner, they are a relatively true portrayal of characters in the real world. The same goes for the movies that were made from […]

T or F: Traveling makes you a better person?

Major life transitions like leaving the protected environment of school or starting a new career can be daunting. Before you make the transition, it’s a bit of a rite of passage these days to take some time off to travel and explore the world. For most people, traveling means eating, sightseeing, partying and shopping (not […]

Looking for a Portable Speaker? (a bit less Old Skool!)

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Colour Therapy

I knew there was a reason behind the Facebook’s choice of colours! It’s quite a nice shade of blue and I figured it wasn’t a random assignment. And recently, I read this article which proved my theory! Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colours in Marketing ignited my interest in the topic of Colour […]

Hot Yoga: Benefits Vs the Pain

In an effort to curb our three-thirtyitis (you know, that routine fatigue that appears after lunch – some might call it a “food coma”), three adventurous Soldgers (myself included) decided to try hot yoga. We figured it’s proven exercise improves your mood, helps to stimulate the mind and boosts immunity, so how bad can it […]

“Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap” – Back with a BANG!

Sick of the watching the same old clichéd movies, with their predictable endings and boring characters? Craving something different? How about being a part of a play put together by YOU? Where YOU decide the sequence of the plays and how it’s all put together? ‘Fat Kids are harder to Kidnap 3D’ is the third […]

Make Mum’s Day!

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Samsung Galaxy S4: An Update

If you are in the anti-Apple camp, or just think the Android OS and the Samsung Range is more suited for you, then you must know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released next week, 27th April 2013. The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a huge Full HD screen, an improved camera and faster innards, […]

OMD-EM5: The Ultimate Review

We’ve reviewed the OMD previously but I don’t think we expressed our thoughts successfully. This camera is a micro 4/3 that has evolved to perfection, exuding amazing old school charm. So let’s dig a little deeper into the specs and features of this awesome camera! Check out this first: Intuitively Designed Electronic Viewfinder The OLYMPUS […]

Hack it! Simple Life Hacks to Save Time

I admit: I stole this infographic from Daily Infographic but I thought it was pretty cool. Some are a bit ridiculous (see #3) but some I can personally endorse (#7) What do you think? Any others? I’m getting addicted to infographics… Let me know your best life hacks 😛 NJ

World’s Strangest Hangover Cures

What do you guys like to do on a Saturday night? One of my favourite things is to go out for a few drinks. Last Saturday, the entire team went out for more than a few, and some of us a still a bit worse for wear… The rest of us obviously had some pretty […]

The River is Calling: Singapore’s River Safari

Ever want to paddle through the Amazon, the World’s largest tropical rainforest? Or hunt for crocodiles in the Ganges, or giant freshwater stingray in the Mekong? Without leaving the country? River Safari, the newest addition to Singapore’s portfolio of award winning wildlife parks has finally opened its doors! Inspired by 8 of the World’s most […] & NKF’s Charity Dinner Date

Picture it: you’re at a popular Tapas restaurant in KL’s prestigious Star Hill Gallery, with free flowing food and sangria having dinner with 2 of Malaysia’s hottest and most talented women. Sounds like a dream come true, right? For 10 of our generous Customers, it was just another Friday night! For a fun spin […]

The S4 – Just Another Smartphone?

Just when you thought you were happy with your S3 or iPhone 5, Samsung decide to release the Samsung Galaxy S4, complete with the threat of a bigger screen and better resolution, a faster processor and features you never even knew you’d missed. Size & Shape The S4 looks a lot like the S3, just […]

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